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Why Buy a New Construction Home vs. a Resale?

If you are thinking about buying a resale home (that is, one that’s been previously owned and lived in), you will also need to consider taking on a lot of uncertainty. Because the truth is, no matter how spectacular, sound, money-saving, or superbly located that home seems, a preowned home has a significant chance of costing buyers not only expense, but also time, quality, and stress. Let’s take a look at the many reasons to buy a new construction home versus buying a resale.


Purchasing a home is one of the most meaningful investments you’ll ever make. To ensure this process is as simple and straightforward as possible, we’ve streamlined the home-buying steps to provide buyers with more support and less stress.

Your Time Matters

During every part of the search for your Pahlisch new construction home, you’re in control. Our website provides several different ways to explore your options, giving you free rein to roam through homes online or stop by to see them with your own two eyes, on your own precious time. Our robust resources allow you to avoid the hassle of driving around endlessly. At you will find details about:

  • Pahlisch Homes communities – by region, in Oregon and Washington
  • Community amenities – included with your new-build Pahlisch home
  • Available listings – specifying bedrooms, bathrooms, garage layout, square footage, photos, and floor plans
  • Virtual tours – for a lifelike look around the home
  • Sales agents – there’s a dedicated agent for every home, every community
  • Interactive plat maps – showing lot locations within each community
  • Model home tours – for viewing the possibilities in person
  • Live chat – for answers to any question, 7 days a week, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

It’s our mission to make sure you have everything you need to perform your own research and move through the timeline to buy a new construction home at your personal pace, before ever reaching out to a sales agent.

Dedicated Sales Agents

Residences from Pahlisch Homes are part of their own Pahlisch community, and each community is represented by its own Pahlisch sales agent. So whether you pinpoint a possible Pahlisch home online, or spy that perfect place in person, when you call, connect, or chat to find out more, you’re quickly connected to a dedicated sales agent with in-depth knowledge of that home, that community, and that surrounding area. Each Pahlisch agent represents just one community, so their expertise runs deep.

During the typical sales process of a previously owned house, individuals set out to select a realtor, scour dozens of websites and listings to find possible homes, and then try to coordinate the busy schedules of the many people required to take a peek at a resale home (you, the agent, the homeowner, and anyone else vying for your time). But with the Pahlisch Homes new construction sales process, it’s easy: explore our website, request contact from a sales agent, and set up a time to see a home. When you’re working in the realm of new construction, we can safely say that no one will ever be home when you stop by. 


As many people who’ve purchased a resale home come to know, there’s often more than meets the eye. 

Despite their promise, resales often require a significant outlay of time and money due to unforeseen renovations caused by wear and tear. Those renovations might seem at first like a simple way to save lots of money with a little elbow grease, a few YouTube videos, and some quick trips to the hardware store, but they often turn into much more than any homebuyer bargains for. Even those who embark on a project for fun regularly find themselves over their heads, with no way to recoup their sanity or savings.

And although some homeowners opt to hand off their projects to a professional, things don’t always go as planned. Managing people going to and fro, freeing up your day to give input, adjusting to shifting schedules, and tracking orders and outcomes all take a toll on your wellbeing.

So while Chip and Joanna Gaines have made the idea of renovations upbeat and exciting, they’re definitely not for everyone. Breaking the bank, working away your weekends, and living in a mess for months are incredibly common pitfalls of purchasing a resale home.

When you invest your time and money in a new construction home from Pahlisch Homes, you get your dream home and take back your weekends. 


Buyers of new construction Pahlisch Homes enjoy pride of ownership and peace of mind. By becoming the first (and only!) owner, you have the assurance of knowing everything is exactly as it should be. No hardwood floors to unearth, no layers of paint to chip away… the history of the home begins with you.

Starting this story from day one also means your space is totally in the now. Nothing’s dated, nothing’s walled off. You face neither too few closets nor an overflow of unusable living areas. New construction Pahlisch homes, unlike most resale homes, are built thoughtfully for today’s lifestyles, and each one is backed by the most up-to-date building standards for superiority and safety. Examples include these:

  • Life. Connected. Technology – Every Pahlish home, no matter the size, comes with smart home integration for the ultimate in ease, safety, and security. These energy-saving, ultra-convenient features include the Ring video doorbell, Kevo front door lock, LiftMaster garage door, and Ecobee thermostat.
  • Modern Living Maximized – Our open, airy, flexible floor plans allow homeowners to enjoy time with friends and family or quiet moments of rest and relaxation.
  • Designer Touches – Each new construction Pahlisch home is created with high-quality, durable, on-trend surface and finish choices, in the colors and styles you love. 
  • Attention to Detail – Details matter with Pahlisch, so homebuyers have a bounty of a la carte options to choose from, including under-cabinet lighting, USB wall chargers, tankless water heater, soft-close drawers, and more. 
  • Community Amenities – Some Pahlisch communities, such as Rosedale Parks, Butternut Creek, Petrosa, Austin Heritage, and Vendage, boast their own pools, gyms, community rooms, paths, parks, and more. 
  • Community Management – Every Pahlisch community has a management team to ensure proper maintenance and keep property values high. In their care, private lawns, community landscaping, and shared spaces always look great.

When you purchase a Pahlisch Home packed with all this comfort, convenience, quality, and style, we know you’ll agree that life is good. Whether your ultimate day is staying in bed or setting new records, new construction homes heap on the ease so you don’t have to tackle time-consuming projects or recurring problems when rest or recreation are really what you need. 


What better way to ensure the excellence of every new construction home than with a Pahlisch Homes warranty? If the unexpected happens, the program has you covered, and it comes with every new construction Pahlisch home. 

Should you need to call in a concern, not only can you be sure things will be handled quickly and professionally, but you can also rest easy that our team knows every make, model, and material included in your home for a targeted assessment of how to move forward. Resale homes just cannot offer this level of certainty or support.


With so many things to consider when buying a home, we believe that certainty is something that should come with it. Your investment is one of significant time and money, even before you hold keys to the front door.When you buy a new construction home from Pahlisch, it sets the bar high from the start and fulfills every expectation—simply and surely—every step of the way. For a straightforward process leading to the home of your dreams, we invite you to purchase a new construction home from Pahlisch. We can’t wait to welcome you in.


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