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When you receive the keys to your new home, it’s a big moment. But the support that you’ve had up until that point doesn’t disappear when those final papers go through. We created the Pahlisch Customer Care team to provide continuing support to homebuyers in all of our communities. Whether you have a maintenance question, want to know more about your one-year warranty inspection, or have a general question about your home, our team is here for you.                                                                                                      


What’s Covered in Your Warranty

We build our homes with longevity and quality in mind. The Pahlisch Homes limited warranty is part of our Pahlisch Customer Care and our guarantee that quality is built into every aspect of your home buying experience. 


The limited warranty is effective one year from closing date and consists of: 

  • Defects of materials and workmanship 
  • Plumbing leaks behind walls or beneath the foundation
  • Defects in electrical wiring
  • Heating and cooling issues
  • A Homeowners Orientation before purchase to familiarize you with your new home  
  • A one-year homeowners inspection to repair any normal settlement cracks 


Keep in mind that manufactured components in your home will have separate warranty conditions. The warranty does not cover cosmetic items like paint touch-ups, flooring tears, and countertop scratches. It also does not cover homebuyer-caused damage or anything covered by your standard home insurance policy (i.e., flooding, fire, etc.). That said, proper home maintenance is key, and we suggest homeowners pay special attention to driveways, fences, landscaping, and soil erosion.

For years two through ten, your home is covered under a policy Pahlisch purchases on your behalf called the 210 Homebuyers Warranty. This policy covers structural defects, structural framing, and foundation defects. For more detailed and additional information, you can refer to your Warranty Booklet.  

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Every member of our Customer Care team provides the attention and care necessary to fully enjoy your new home. Use the form below, give us a call, or send an email and we’ll be happy to assist you. 


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