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Easy Spring and Summer Maintenance Checklist from Pahlisch Homes

With sun in the forecast and green grass underfoot, we’re here to present you with your complete spring and summer maintenance checklist for getting your home and yard in top shape. We hope the promise of great weather, outdoor gatherings, and all the seasons have to offer are motivation enough to get you going. If not, keep in mind that these small preventative steps stave off costly fixes, unsafe situations, and future headaches so you can enjoy your home to the fullest, now and every day. Ready to go? We’ll be right here with you, from inspecting your roof to replacing the smoke detector batteries. Inspect the Roof During the long, cold weather months, lingering outside to look at the

Meet Us at the Front Porch

Pass through any Pahlisch Homes community, and you’re bound to see lots of life: neighbors perched on porches, friends chatting across the lawn, kids riding bikes, friends on a jog, families walking the dog, and people waving to one another as they pass by in cars. Connections are everywhere and a sense of togetherness pervades. To honor the time-tested bond that neighbors share, we are pleased to announce our new blog: Front Porch. For the last year, we have been delivering monthly content to Pahlisch followers. So why the new name? Because now, more than ever, we are committed to creating community. It is the fundamental reason Pahlisch Homes was founded and the way we contribute to a better world.

New Home Availability Update

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been felt around the world for more than a year now, touching every person, industry, and organization. In many ways, the pandemic has magnified how interconnected we are. Our shared experience has brought us together in powerful new ways and shed light on the importance of home, faith, family, and community. The unimaginable situation has also made apparent that we are each part of a global economy. We depend upon one another not only in spirit but also in commerce. When one supply chain struggles, the results are wide-reaching. And the longer that struggle persists, the greater the impacts are. Because of the pandemic, like so many of you out there, our business

Hillsboro, Oregon: The Hub of the Pacific Northwest

The nickname of Hillsboro, Oregon says it all: This “Hub City” is right in the middle of everything that makes the Pacific Northwest so incredible. Located in the lush Willamette Valley, Hillsboro is just outside Portland and a short road trip away from the Oregon coast, the Columbia Gorge, and Mt. Hood — some of the most beautiful, adventure-filled areas around. Here, you have options everywhere for exploration and relaxation. It’s also a great place to expand your career. California might have Silicon Valley, but Hillsboro is part of the “Silicon Forest,” thanks to all of its notable technology and abundant trees. Here, careers in high-tech, health care, retail, and agriculture abound.  Whatever your focus, wherever you’re headed, there’s a

The Ultimate Bend, Oregon Area Guide

Part of the captivating Pacific Northwest, the state of Oregon offers up an irresistible array of diverse areas. Some are green and rainy, rife with mountain views and miles of trails, others are flat and dry, utterly soaked in sunshine. In the very middle, about three hours southeast of Portland, just beyond the Cascade Mountain range that runs from Canada to California, in Central Oregon, you’ll find an outstanding mix of must-haves that are luring more and more new residents to the area every day. This is the ultimate Bend, Oregon area guide.  Let’s find out more about Bend, Oregon, and our five sensational Pahlisch Homes communities: Petrosa, Luderman Crossing, Purcell Landing, Rivers Edge, and Treeline. Petrosa Whether you’re looking

The Definitive Guide to Tri-Cities Washington

Tucked just inside the southeastern corner of Washington State is a gorgeous, growing region of the Pacific Northwest called the Tri-Cities. Our guide to Tri-Cities Washington covers the three distinct cities the region is named after – Richland, Pasco, and Kennewick. The name has grown to represent newer communities in the area, too (West Richland, Benton City, Burbank, and Finley), and each one of the eight boasts a personality and a way of life all its own. Uniquely situated in the Columbia Basin at the meeting point of three rivers – the Columbia, Yakima, and Snake – the Tri-Cities offers beautiful views; a sunny, mild, four-seasons climate (with much less rain than Portland or Seattle); tons of outdoor activities; and wine

Fall and Winter Pahlisch Homeowner Maintenance Checklist

Though blue skies and sunshine may still be around, now’s the perfect time to get your home ready for the snow and rain! We know, it’s practically cruel to suggest you shrug off summer and sprint ahead to fall. It almost feels unfair to ask you to do it. But by setting aside a few short stretches of time to go through the Pahlisch homeowner maintenance checklist, we’re confident that the months to come will be much easier to manage — with far fewer unexpected problems… and the bills that come with them. Clear Gutters & Downspouts Nothing ruins relaxing to the sound of the rain from inside a cozy home like a gutter or downspout overflowing. Over the course of

Why Buy a New Construction Home vs. a Resale?

If you are thinking about buying a resale home (that is, one that’s been previously owned and lived in), you will also need to consider taking on a lot of uncertainty. Because the truth is, no matter how spectacular, sound, money-saving, or superbly located that home seems, a preowned home has a significant chance of costing buyers not only expense, but also time, quality, and stress. Let’s take a look at the many reasons to buy a new construction home versus buying a resale. A SIMPLE, REWARDING SALES PROCESS Purchasing a home is one of the most meaningful investments you’ll ever make. To ensure this process is as simple and straightforward as possible, we’ve streamlined the home-buying steps to provide

A Home for Every Chapter of Life

Throughout the Pacific Northwest, people are discovering new stories for themselves and their loved ones in spaces built by Pahlisch Homes. That’s because we believe there should be a home for every chapter, every person—and we’re here to create them. Read on to find the perfect setting for your next chapter of life. 2-3 bedrooms | 2-2.5 bathrooms | 1-2 car rear-facing garage | 1,089-2,062 square feet When elevated style and low-maintenance living are high on your home-buying list, a townhome from Pahlisch Homes will more than deliver. Our airy open floor plans maximize the square footage for maximum space and light. Several features found in our traditional homes come standard in many of our townhome options. These include spacious