Benefits of Hosting the Holidays in your Pahlisch Home

The best time of the year is quickly approaching! The holidays are about getting family and friends together and celebrating what matters most: community.  In order to prepare for the upcoming holidays and make the most of our precious time together, it helps to have a home that is set up for hosting and entertaining guests. Whether you’re hosting a large Christmas party, keeping it small with an intimate Thanksgiving dinner, enjoying family traditions with your immediate family, or all of the above, there’s no place like a Pahlisch home to enjoy this special time with loved ones.  Hosting the Holidays in a Pahlisch Home Our open-concept floor plans are the perfect space to host both Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas

Find Your Dream Career and Work Culture at Pahlisch Homes

Choosing a career is far from easy. Yet from our point of view, the benefits of working at award-winning Pahlisch Homes are clear to see. From an exceptionally team-oriented work culture to the boundless opportunities to create community—within our team and throughout the communities where we live, work, and play—every aspect of a role with our time-tested organization is fulfilling and forward-focused. Let’s explore the many rewarding sides of a career with Pahlisch Homes. Looking for a Positive Work Culture? At Pahlisch Homes, it’s people first. When you join our team of industry-leading professionals, you become more than an employee at a company. Here, you become part of a community. You find a home away from home. You join a

Imagine the Possibilities of a Pahlisch Homes Flex Space

During the pandemic, having a flexible space has become essential for those needing to change their lifestyle at the drop of a hat. Many of us continue to work remotely and teach kids from home, all while trying to squeeze in a workout before ending the day curled up on the couch to watch a movie. Others work long hours in the field, at the office, or serving our communities, and have grown to enjoy the comfort of rare times at home even more. In short, home has become more important than ever. At Pahlisch Homes, we have always designed our floor plans to maximize living, inside and out. In all of Pahlisch Homes layouts, a flex space is an

Petrosa Grand Opening

We are thrilled to announce the opening of Petrosa, our long-awaited Pahlisch Homes community in northeast Bend, Oregon.  Petrosa’s Everett plan was recently featured in the Central Oregon Builder Association Tour of Homes 2021 and garnered five distinguished awards for its price range: Best of Show, Best Value, Best Interior Finish, Best Landscaping, and Best Master Suite. Our team could not be more grateful for this meaningful recognition. We hope you will be among the first to take a tour of a model home and learn about the many great things in store at Petrosa. For a sense of what you will encounter on your visit, please read on—you won’t be disappointed! Petrosa at a Glance Set against the breathtaking

Pahlisch Grows

Since we started building in 1983, Pahlisch Homes has been giving back to the communities where we live, work, and play. Over those four decades, we’ve been designing accessible green spaces, planting back trees, and partnering to preserve natural habitats and recreation areas. Every effort is rooted in cultivating stronger communities. This is why we created our Pahlisch Grows initiative. Pahlisch Grows Initiative Pahlisch Grows supports the organizations and volunteers that keep Oregon and Washington flourishing. This initiative provides financial donations and replanting of local trees to preserve natural habitats and grow stronger communities. When we build a community of homes, we carry with us a tremendous sense of responsibility to be a good steward of the land and the

Easy Spring and Summer Maintenance Checklist from Pahlisch Homes

With sun in the forecast and green grass underfoot, we’re here to present you with your complete spring and summer maintenance checklist for getting your home and yard in top shape. We hope the promise of great weather, outdoor gatherings, and all the seasons have to offer are motivation enough to get you going. If not, keep in mind that these small preventative steps stave off costly fixes, unsafe situations, and future headaches so you can enjoy your home to the fullest, now and every day. Ready to go? We’ll be right here with you, from inspecting your roof to replacing the smoke detector batteries. Inspect the Roof During the long, cold weather months, lingering outside to look at the

Meet Us at the Front Porch

Pass through any Pahlisch Homes community, and you’re bound to see lots of life: neighbors perched on porches, friends chatting across the lawn, kids riding bikes, friends on a jog, families walking the dog, and people waving to one another as they pass by in cars. Connections are everywhere and a sense of togetherness pervades. To honor the time-tested bond that neighbors share, we are pleased to announce our new blog: Front Porch. For the last year, we have been delivering monthly content to Pahlisch followers. So why the new name? Because now, more than ever, we are committed to creating community. It is the fundamental reason Pahlisch Homes was founded and the way we contribute to a better world.

New Home Availability Update

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been felt around the world for more than a year now, touching every person, industry, and organization. In many ways, the pandemic has magnified how interconnected we are. Our shared experience has brought us together in powerful new ways and shed light on the importance of home, faith, family, and community. The unimaginable situation has also made apparent that we are each part of a global economy. We depend upon one another not only in spirit but also in commerce. When one supply chain struggles, the results are wide-reaching. And the longer that struggle persists, the greater the impacts are. Because of the pandemic, like so many of you out there, our business

Hillsboro, Oregon: The Hub of the Pacific Northwest

The nickname of Hillsboro, Oregon says it all: This “Hub City” is right in the middle of everything that makes the Pacific Northwest so incredible. Located in the lush Willamette Valley, Hillsboro is just outside Portland and a short road trip away from the Oregon coast, the Columbia Gorge, and Mt. Hood — some of the most beautiful, adventure-filled areas around. Here, you have options everywhere for exploration and relaxation. It’s also a great place to expand your career. California might have Silicon Valley, but Hillsboro is part of the “Silicon Forest,” thanks to all of its notable technology and abundant trees. Here, careers in high-tech, health care, retail, and agriculture abound.  Whatever your focus, wherever you’re headed, there’s a

The Ultimate Bend, Oregon Area Guide

Part of the captivating Pacific Northwest, the state of Oregon offers up an irresistible array of diverse areas. Some are green and rainy, rife with mountain views and miles of trails, others are flat and dry, utterly soaked in sunshine. In the very middle, about three hours southeast of Portland, just beyond the Cascade Mountain range that runs from Canada to California, in Central Oregon, you’ll find an outstanding mix of must-haves that are luring more and more new residents to the area every day. This is the ultimate Bend, Oregon area guide.  Let’s find out more about Bend, Oregon, and our five sensational Pahlisch Homes communities: Petrosa, Luderman Crossing, Purcell Landing, Rivers Edge, and Treeline. Petrosa Whether you’re looking