Announcing Basecamp at Quail Ridge: State-of-the-Art Community Amenities in Southeast Washington

Ask Pahlisch homeowners who’ve purchased a home in one of our Southeast Washington neighborhoods, and they’ll tell you — this region is a hidden gem. The Tri-Cities (Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland) are known for their sunny, semi-arid climate and scenic rolling hills dotted with award-winning wineries.

In Richland, our Quail Ridge community takes inspiration from the surrounding landscape by offering stunning views and easy access to local shopping and outdoor activities. And with the grand opening of Basecamp in August 2024, it will also boast the largest exclusive amenity site in a residential neighborhood in the Tri-Cities!

Read on to get a first look at all of the incredible community amenities coming to Quail Ridge and learn how Basecamp was designed to help residents elevate their lifestyles and find new levels of balance and joy.

Basecamp at Quail Ridge

Located right next to Horn Rapids Golf Course and just a stone’s throw from the Columbia River, Quail Ridge gives residents the best of both luxury living and proximity to nature. And like all Pahlisch neighborhoods, it was designed to make life more convenient for residents and create space for building community. The introduction of Basecamp and its high-end amenities will help bring this vision to life.

Here are some of the amazing features you’ll be able to enjoy at Basecamp at Quail Ridge:

Pool Deck

Say goodbye to that membership fee to the private pool across town! When the sun is shining (which happens a lot in the Tri-Cities), you can stroll down the street from your house to the beautiful exclusive pool right in the heart of the Quail Ridge community. Kick back in a sun chair in the shallow end and soak up some rays. Then, when you’re sufficiently sunned, you can take a dip in the deep end to cool off. Rinse and repeat until the sun goes down — or until you have to make that work call. 


Nothing tops off a day at the pool like an evening gathered around the fire with friends and family. Come to one of Basecamp’s firepits with some good wine and tasty snacks, and have fun making special memories with your favorite people.

Outdoor Lounge

Around the pool, you’ll also find an outdoor lounge with a covered patio and luxurious furniture. This is a great place to gather outside with groups away from the sun or take it easy and relax in the shade with that juicy new beach read you just got at the local bookstore.


The clubhouse is Quail Ridge’s central gathering place. Whether you’re planning a birthday bash or just looking for a place to meet up with friends indoors, the clubhouse has everything you need: a fully-equipped kitchen, TV, a large dining table, and a gorgeous view of the pool.

Fitness Center

All this talk of pools and parties is lovely, but sometimes you need to shift gears and get a good hard workout in. With Basecamp’s new fitness center, you can skip the commute and avoid waiting for your favorite machine to open up when the local gym is packed. Instead, enjoy access to state-of-the-art equipment and hit your fitness goals in a sleek, modern facility right off the pool.

Discover Your Perfect Place at Quail Ridge

An exclusive, beautifully designed pool, clubhouse, and fitness center all within a short distance from your house sounds like a dream. But you can make that dream your reality by finding your ideal home in our Quail Ridge community! Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our New Home Specialists today to schedule a tour and learn more about Quail Ridge.

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