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What Defines a Pahlisch Community?

It's more than just collection of homes

When you drive through a Pahlisch community, you know it’s something special. You see a neighborhood that’s been thoughtfully designed and homes that are beautiful both inside and out. There’s also a sense that you can create a life for yourself and your family in one of our homes in the Pacific Northwest.

Our central locations, eye-pleasing exteriors, and well-designed interiors, along with amenities such as trails and swimming pools, are the tangible assets that define our communities. You’ll also find that we’ve worked hard to make sure residents feel a true sense of belonging. With Pahlisch Homes, residents can enjoy life within the walls of their homes and the boundaries of their community.

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Creating a Vision

Founder Dennis Pahlisch has always had a vision for Pahlisch Homes’ communities. It stemmed from his childhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the neighborhood where he grew up. Life there was filled with friends and families who all enjoyed each other’s company. There was a sense of security, support, and safety along with a central lawn of green grass where the kids would play and parents would gather.

It’s this feeling that the Pahlisch team brings to each community and every Pacific Northwest home we build. The Bridges at Shadow Glen in Bend, Oregon is a shining example of this vision. The plans and process of building this community helped to set the standard for every Pahlisch Homes’ community and all of our future projects.

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Laying a Solid Foundation

When The Bridges at Shadow Glen launched in 2007, we knew we were building quality new home construction in a desirable location for people and their families. What we didn’t know was the economic upheaval that was just around the corner.

When the recession hit in 2008, a lot of people, and especially builders, had to close their businesses. Dennis and the Pahlisch team were committed to the long haul and kept their promise to build The Bridges – a new, vibrant community – no matter what it took.

The ability to survive this volatile beginning of such an important project meant that Pahlisch Homes was positioned as a long-term business and showed that we take care of our homeowners, community, and employees in good times and in bad. After 35 years in business, our customers know Pahlisch Homes is as good as its word.

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Building Our Reputation

Another key to our communities is the detail, innovation, and quality we bring to each new neighborhood. With The Bridges at Shadow Glen, we utilized 78 acres, built and sold over 380 homes, and welcomed over 1,100 residents. This flagship project wrapped up in January 2020, and it truly delivered on Dennis’s vision of what defines a Pahlisch community.

At The Bridges, we built luxurious amenities such as pools and a hot tub, a community room for gatherings, a gym, basketball courts, trails, and more. Over the last 14 years, we have hosted over 10 Tour Homes, which have won a total of 32 awards including Best Overall, Best Kitchen, Best Interior Finish, Best Master Suite, Best Landscaping, Best Architectural Design, and more.

While we are proud to be one of the top home builders in the Pacific Northwest, the fact that we have over 500 HOA members at The Bridges and five homeowners currently serving on the community’s Board of Directors is even more important. It means that we’ve built a community that people are invested in and care about, and this is all made possible by our community management company Crystal Lake Community Management. Crystal Lake ensures that our communities hold their value long after we’re done building.

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Looking Forward

This type of unwavering commitment to our residents affects everyone around us. As much as our projects have inspired people who purchase our homes and the team that works at Pahlisch, they also promote and inspire the communities and cities where we plan our developments.

A Pahlisch community can help a city grow and expand thanks to its new residents. It sparks innovation and helps to increase new features in the surrounding area such as parks, schools, shopping, and recreation.

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Experience a Pahlisch Community for Yourself

Now that you know what traits define a Pahlisch Homes’ community, it’s time to find your perfect Pacific Northwest home. We have new home communities in all three of the regions where we build homes: Central Oregon, Tri-Cities Washington, and the Portland Metro area.

With a home for every chapter in life, Petrosa in Northeast Bend, Oregon, will be one of our largest communities to date. Selling in 2021, this master-planned community will include townhomes, single-family homes, and a multi-family apartment complex. This modern neighborhood will also feature our most popular amenities, parks, trails, shopping, dining, a new school, and 22 acres of open green space.

Westcliffe Heights is the first exclusive Pahlisch community in Tri-Cities Washington. Built on Badger Mountain, this community offers 360-degree cliffside and orchard views along with quality Pahlisch craftsmanship. Residents will soon be able to enjoy private, resort-like amenities exclusive to Westcliffe Heights residents only.

Tucked into the South Hillsboro master-planned community in Northwest Oregon is Rosedale Parks. Boasting easy access to the Nike and Intel campuses, Rosedale Parks includes a new pool, gym, fire pits, community room, and trails next to its townhomes and single-family homes. Whether you’re looking for a Pahlisch townhome, cottage, or expansive lot for new construction, you’ll discover it here.

The Bridges at Shadow Glen was the flagship neighborhood that launched Dennis’ vision of what defines a community, and we’ve been learning, growing, and improving our work ever since. Thanks to all of our residents, employees, trade partners, and all of our supporters: we couldn’t have brought this vision to life without you.

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