Smart Home Integrations in Every Pahlisch Home

Do you ever wonder who’s knocking at the front door when you’re not home or if you closed the garage door on your way out? Now you can sit back and relax with Life. Connected. from Pahlisch Homes. Included in every one of our beautiful new construction homes, Life. Connected. is a collection of wide-ranging smart home integration technologies that provides safety and peace of mind to families all over the Pacific Northwest. It’s one of the ways Pahlisch Homes is committed to helping you build a worry-free life. With Life. Connected. you can monitor visitors to your home, no matter where you are. You can also keep track of who has access to your door or control the temperature

What Defines a Pahlisch Community?

When you drive through a Pahlisch community, you know it’s something special. You see a neighborhood that’s been thoughtfully designed and homes that are beautiful both inside and out. There’s also a sense that you can create a life for yourself and your family in one of our homes in the Pacific Northwest. Our central locations, eye-pleasing exteriors, and well-designed interiors, along with amenities such as trails and swimming pools, are the tangible assets that define our communities. You’ll also find that we’ve worked hard to make sure residents feel a true sense of belonging. With Pahlisch Homes, residents can enjoy life within the walls of their homes and the boundaries of their community. Creating a Vision Founder Dennis Pahlisch