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What is a Flex Space? The Possibilities are Endless with a Pahlisch Homes Flex Space

During the pandemic, having a flex space has become essential for those needing to change their lifestyle at the drop of a hat. Many of us continue to work remotely and teach kids from home, all while trying to squeeze in a workout before ending the day curled up on the couch to watch a movie. Others work long hours in the field, at the office, or serving our communities, and have grown to enjoy the comfort of rare times at home even more.

In short, home has become more important than ever.

So, what is a flex space, and how can you utilize this area in your Pahlisch home?

At Pahlisch Homes, we have always designed our floor plans to maximize living, inside and out. In all of Pahlisch Homes layouts, a flex space is an area that can have multiple uses, each one able to be adapted to the current needs of the homeowner. And knowing that these needs will likely change over the yearseven within the same year!the exact use of the flex space can change as many times as life does.

So what can you turn your Pahlisch Homes flex living space into? The possibilities are endless. Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways homeowners are reimagining these areas.

Turn your flex space into a home gym

Who wants to trudge to the gym in the rain and the snow? Instead, use your flex space as a home gym. Fitness should be simple and straightforward, and packing a bag and heading to the gym during a pandemic is anything but. Fit in a quick workout session during your lunch break, or later in the night when the local gym has already closed. With a home gym, you have the flexibility to flex your muscles and work out anytime that is convenient for you. 

Bonus room for learning 

2020 taught us that classrooms can take on all shapes and sizes, and having a flex space to quickly accommodate your virtual learning is important. This separate space for children away from distractions will make it easier to focus on their virtual classes. It also can double as a playroom for kids to escape to once classes are done for the day. 

Entertainment room for community 

Turn your bonus room into an entertainment room perfect for hosting guests or having a night in with your family. Make this room the ultimate gathering space by adding a pool table, or a private movie theater complete with comfy chairs and a popcorn maker. This will quickly become your friends’ and families’ favorite space to relax and spend time together. 

Room to grow your family

When your family is thinking of expanding, a bonus room is a perfect space for either a nursery, a guest room for out-of-town guests, or a relative moving in full time. No matter what stage of life, flex rooms allow you to be surrounded by the people you love while giving you extra space.

Flex spaces for all seasons of life 

Pahlisch Homes provides many floor plans and options for personalizing your home. Having a flex space in your home will allow you to create the home your life demands now while considering how you will welcome change over the years. Our flex spaces are there to change with you during the different chapters of your life.

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