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Find Your Dream Work Culture with Careers at Pahlisch Homes

Choosing a career is far from easy. Yet from our point of view, the benefits of working at award-winning Pahlisch Homes are clear to see. From an exceptionally team-oriented work culture to the boundless opportunities to create community—within our team and throughout the communities where we live, work, and play—every aspect of a role with our time-tested organization is fulfilling and forward-focused. Let’s explore the many rewarding sides of careers at Pahlisch Homes.

Looking for a Positive Work Culture?

At Pahlisch Homes, it’s people first. When you join our team of industry-leading professionals, you become more than an employee at a company. Here, you become part of a community. You find a home away from home with careers at Pahlisch homes. You join a family.
Bottom line: you belong.

To understand our unique and fulfilling work culture, we need to look back to the beginning, when Pahlisch Homes was created by Dennis and Beverly Pahlisch. They set out to start a company that had the heart of a family. It’s a simple concept and one that has pervaded our organization for the long term. Employees feel welcome, valued, and part of something bigger than themselves. We cultivate this sense of family by upholding unwavering values and ways of being.

Our “Servant’s Heart” Company Culture

One request we make of all team members who choose careers at Pahlish is to support these ideals is to act with a “servant’s heart.” This means showing respect and empathy for others, not only within our Pahlisch walls, but also toward trade partners, homebuyers, and organizations. Because we have a culture based on placing the same high value on our internal relationships as our external ones through respectful and empathetic treatment of one another, we exemplify that the relationships we build within our organization are the foundation for our success as a whole.

Where Employee Engagement Meets Customer Service

We also believe in being intentional. Every time we interact with a team member, a home buyer, or a partner, whether in person, online, by phone, over email, through text, or in print, we have the chance to make a positive impact. It’s our way of wrapping professionalism and positivity into one, every chance we get. And it’s the truest version of customer service and employee engagement we can think of.

A True Work-Life Balance

Life is precious and so are the moments in it. For this reason, we support our team members in striking a work-life balance, and we uphold individuals’ well-being on every front. What’s more, we love to have fun. Our employee recognition events take many forms, like sun-filled summer picnics, our annual Christmas party, food truck lunches in the parking lot, and Pahlisch employee sports teams.

Exceptional Employee Benefits

We are extremely proud that our investment in a positive work culture continues to result in excellent employee retention. As a member of our time-tested organization, you will work in a fast-paced, rapidly growing company, with the backing of a team that truly cares. Here are just a few of the ways we show it:

  • Community Impact – Outside our doors, employees have numerous opportunities to make an impact on the communities where they live and work, through their individual contributions and their team collaborations. As an organization, Pahlisch gives back to the cities and regions where we operate through Pahlisch Grows and Pahlisch Cares programs. These are initiatives brought to us by our team members for the good of the world around us—an idea we are thrilled to support.
  • Competitive Benefits, Healthy Work Culture – We help remove the worry from health, retirement planning, and life’s unexpected circumstances with a generous benefits package. It includes competitive healthcare, dental, and vision insurance options, with supplemental plans available after 30 days of employment; 401k retirement with employer matching; and paid leave.

Hear from Pahlisch Team Members

We know there is nothing more telling than the true words straight from our Pahlisch team members themselves. Asking our team members to share their insights on the meaning of their careers at Pahlish and the work culture that abounds is one of our favorite things to do. In just a few lines, you will see why.

“In the 17 (and counting!) years I’ve worked for Pahlisch, I continue to be impressed by the compassion we embrace. Not only within our teams but that of our clients and our desire to do good for the people around us – the basic principle of doing the right thing, even when the right thing may seem hard to grasp. Additionally, Pahlisch is fast-paced with industrial savviness. Our confidence shines through teamwork and the successful completion of our homes and communities, no matter how big or small. We unite and anchor ourselves to accomplish enthusiastic goals— the glory of our success is measured through appreciation of team narratives and homeowner praises of a job well done.” -Stacey Strain, General Manager of Pahlisch Select

“I have worked at Pahlisch Homes for over four years. It’s a casual and friendly environment with a work hard, play hard atmosphere, and I enjoy seeing my friends in the office and out in the field. Whether it’s the Tour of Homes or a company picnic, we are a team and get things done. Teamwork makes the dream work!” -Sarah Romish, Central Oregon Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Pahlisch Homes

“After four years of working with Pahlisch, I think the thing I love most about this place is the family dynamic. I look forward to seeing my co-workers who have become more like family to me. Additionally, it’s a place where we have a ton of fun throughout the busy year.” -Katie Lewelling, Global Care Customer Supervisor, Pahlisch Homes

“The part I love most about working for Pahlisch is the people. It is like a big family. Sometimes there are disagreements, but you know that everyone has the family’s best interest at heart. We are all striving for the same thing, to build community by building quality homes and creating raving fans! I also love our casual professionalism. We get work done but we have fun while doing it.” -Jon Joersz, Director of Purchasing, Pahlisch Homes

Explore Careers at Pahlisch Homes

When you join the Pahlisch Homes team, you experience a work culture like no other. Here, you become part of a community.
From the break room to the board room, we are pleased to offer one of the best workplace cultures around. Please take a look at our current career opportunities and envision where a role at Pahlisch Homes could take you. We hope you will soon be seeing our outstanding company culture from the inside out.


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