Deciding Between Buying a New Construction Home or Building on Your Lot? We’ve Got Answers

To buy in a community or build on your own lot, that is the question. And at Pahlisch, we get this question a lot. If you’re familiar with our family of companies, you may know you have the option of buying a new construction home in a Pahlisch Homes community or building on your land with Pahlisch Select. So, what’s right for you? We’ll lay out the benefits to both, and then the decision-making is up to you and your goals — but of course, you always have our New Homes Specialists to turn to for that as well.  

Buying a New Construction Home with Pahlisch Homes Goes Beyond Quality Homes 

When thinking about buying a new construction home, you’re likely considering the floor plan, room count, and other amenities you need for this house to feel like home. But is location at the top of your checklist? When you buy a home with Pahlisch, you get a quality new construction home and the opportunity to be part of a community. With world-class amenities in stellar locations, we created each Pahlisch Homes community so you can live, work, and play to the fullest.

Let’s explore that more. 

The Home

For nearly 40 years, Pahlisch Homes has pushed the boundaries to provide a perfect place to call home through our premier home building for customers in Oregon and Washington. Our award-winning floor plans take into account how homebuyers can live their best lives and enjoy their home through the years.

Our skilled designers have handpicked options that suit every lifestyle with features like vaulted ceilings, built-in storage, spacious bathrooms, covered porches, and gourmet kitchens. Whether you want a primary suite on the main or prefer a cottage-style setting, we design Pahlisch floor plans to fit your needs. 

The Community 

Maybe the biggest difference between buying a new construction home with Pahlisch Homes or building on your land is being part of a Pahlisch community. We plan our communities for years before we break ground so those living there feel at home beyond their four walls. 

Let’s set the scene. Imagine turning into your Pahlisch community after a hectic day of work. The clean streets are lined with landscaping highlighting the area’s natural beauty. Kids are playing in the community pool, and you can smell barbeque cooking at the shared pavilion. Maybe later, you’ll use the nearby trails or simply sip a beer on your covered back patio as you listen to the sounds of life well lived around you. 

Pahlisch communities not only enhance the lives of homeowners within them, but they also add value to the surrounding cities and regions. Because of their thoughtful planning, they are places where generations of memories can be shared. 

The Amenities 

Amenities are not just limited to your vacation resort. Since the beginning, Pahlisch Homes has believed that providing amenities to our customers would make living more comfortable and connection more possible. In some areas, we build incredible amenity facilities that are exclusive to the community residents. These include luxurious pools, spas, splash pads, clubhouses, and gym centers, as well as gathering places like outdoor dining areas, BBQs, firepits, and designated green spaces. 

Master planning these amenities years in advance means we work with the city to include features that benefit all city residents, such as paved trails and paths, playgrounds or parks, and retail, dining, and shopping. When living in a Pahlisch community, amenities like this are accessible right outside your door. 

The Location 

Location is one of the single most important factors when it comes to buying a home. Things like centrality, lot location, neighborhood, and surrounding amenities play a role in a buyer’s bid to find the right house. Pahlisch Homes has communities throughout Oregon and Washington, including desirable areas like Bend and Hillsboro in Oregon and Vancouver and Richland in Washington. 

In each city we build, we provide our homeowners with the lifestyle they might be seeking. Living in a La Pine or Prineville community might be perfect for you if you prefer to be immersed in nature. If you like quick access to your work campus (particularly if that campus is Nike World Headquarters) and to incredible dining and shopping, Hillsboro may be the perfect place to call home. What remains true throughout our regions is that anyone can find what they’re looking for to live their most fulfilled life.

The Company 

The final main benefit to buying a new construction home with Pahlisch Homes is, well, Pahlisch Homes. Since our founding in 1983, our company has worked to build relationships with not only homeowners but with trade partners and community members throughout the Pacific Northwest. We design and build our new home communities committed to improving an area for all residents. By creating homes with customers at the forefront, we can ensure we’re delivering the best experience possible — for the last 40 years and the next.

Building On Your Land Means More Personalization With Pahlisch Select  

For some, living in a community may not be the best place to call home. If that’s the case, our family of companies has a solution. Pahlisch Select brings our commitment to quality, customer service, and award-winning designs to your property. By working with Select, you can personalize your Pahlisch build from our award-winning floor plans in the privacy of your land and with the exceptional service our company is known for. 

Let’s dig deeper.  

The Home

Building your own home brings freedom of personalization that can quickly turn to information overload. With Pahlisch Select, homeowners have the benefits of personalizing their build, backed by the expert opinions of Select’s designers to guide them. The color palette, style, and features are just the beginning when choosing options that make your home exactly what you want it to be. 

With these endless possibilities in design, you can decide your priorities. For example, do you want to enjoy meals outside? An extra large covered porch may be your solution. Or, maybe, you want to bring the outdoors in with accordion slider doors to transform interior spaces. And if you’re a foodie? How about a walk-in pantry with a coffee bar or an expanded gourmet kitchen? With Select, the design of your new home is curated to your exact needs. 

Our versatile floor plans are the perfect blend of luxury and functionality — one of the many reasons why they’re award-winning. We’ve designed each of Select’s unique floor plans to meet the highest standards and exceed customer expectations. From One-Story to Primary Suite on the Main, we have something for everyone. 

The Land

Whereas Pahlisch communities are planned for livable luxury, building a new home with Pahlisch Select means, you decide the location and surrounding amenities. One of the top deciding factors in this process is increased privacy. Building on your land often means more space between you and your neighbors, which allows for greater privacy and is an alternative for those not wanting to live in a traditional community. 

Because you’re on your land, you also have room to sprawl or get creative or compact, depending on your needs. The team at Pahlisch Select works with you to make your build fit your exact goals and lifestyle — it’s your land; tell us your ideas! 

The Company 

As with Pahlisch Home, Pahlisch Select is part of our family of companies and our legacy of intention. With Select, we take the high standards that we’ve always built and designed with and bring them to your lot. Our Pahlisch Select team is here to service a different type of need from our customers and goes beyond our normal community living. Yet, as with all of the companies under the Pahlisch name, we provide the same service, quality, and legacy that we’ve always prided ourselves on. 

Whether Buying a New Construction Home or Building On Your Lot, Pahlisch Has a Solution  

Whether buying or building, a new home is an exciting step. It’s also an investment into new memories, opportunities, and experiences for yourself and your family. At Pahlisch, we offer solutions to buying a new construction home in a master-planned community with Pahlisch Homes or going the more personalized route on your lot with Pahlisch Select. Our New Home Specialists are always available to help you learn more about available homes in a community. Or be connected with a Pahlish Select Representative to learn more about building on your land. 


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