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An Address for Every Chapter: Pahlisch Townhomes 101

At Pahlisch Homes, we’re committed to the philosophy that there’s a home for every chapter of life. That’s why we’re proud to offer a variety of floor plans—from single and multi-level residences to townhomes and cottages. In this Address for Every Chapter series, we’ll be doing a deep dive into each of our available housing types. Today, we’re answering the question: What is a townhome? And we’ll be digging into the features that set Pahlisch townhomes apart. 

What Is A Townhome? 

As more people move out of urban city centers, townhomes have become popular, especially for first-time home buyers. But what is a townhome? At its simplest, a townhome is a multi-story, single-family home that shares at least one wall with a neighboring house. 

Occasionally, we see the word “townhome” used interchangeably with “condo” or “rowhouse,” but that’s not entirely accurate. Condos, for example, are more similar to apartments. When you buy a condo, you’ll share walls with neighbors and could have folks living above and below you. In a townhome, you’ll only share one or two walls with neighboring properties.

Townhomes are different from row houses as well. While row houses are typically identical, constructed in a line, and run the length of the block, townhomes have more architectural and design flexibility.

Living room of a well-decorated Pahlisch townhome

Benefits of Buying a Townhome in a Pahlisch Community

Choosing a townhome over a traditional “detached” residence comes with plenty of benefits. In general, home buyers choose townhomes for their price, convenience, and optimum use of space. But buying a townhome in a Pahlisch community has some added benefits, like exclusive amenities and more connected living. 

Get the most out of your space

One common misconception about townhomes is that you get less usable space than a detached single-family home offers. But Pahlisch’s townhomes are celebrated for their “bigger on the inside” energy. That’s because we intentionally design these floor plans to get the most out of every square foot. 

In our townhomes, an open-concept main floor allows for free flow of light and sight lines, creating the sense of a much larger space. Upstairs, a spacious multi-purpose loft connects the primary suite and additional bedrooms and helps create a sense of roominess. 

Put more time back into your day

Homeownership and home maintenance are two sides of the same coin. And, the bigger the home, the more there is to upkeep. This is why townhomes are perfect for a down-sized lifestyle. As a low-maintenance alternative to traditional detached homes, they’re perfect for an active, busy lifestyle or make an incredible option for vacation and 2nd homes. 

When you buy a home, you’re also buying a yard (and the work that comes with it). That often means long hours spent mowing, raking, weeding, and watering. With their minimal yards, townhomes give you your time back, so you can spend less time doing chores and more time doing what you love!  

The same quality standards you expect from Pahlisch

We mean it when we say that every Pahlisch home in every neighborhood is built with purpose. When you purchase a Pahlisch townhome, you can expect the same level of care and quality that goes into all of our homes. Our townhomes are designed with luxurious finishes and plenty of options to elevate your living space. 

Connected living through exclusive amenities

What is a townhome in a Pahlisch community? It’s an invitation to live beyond your front door. While the available amenities vary by community, they were all designed to support convenient, connected living. 

For optimized townhome living, consider moving into one of Pahlisch’s larger, master-planned communities. There you can look forward to resort-like amenities, green spaces, and exclusive community perks. Instead of a yard to maintain, you’ll have easy access to nature trails, parks, and playgrounds and more free time to enjoy them. Instead of dedicating half the garage to an in-home gym, you’ll have access to a world-class fitness center at the community clubhouse. 

The incredible amenities in our master-planned communities make it easier than ever to choose minimal living in a Pahlisch townhome. 

What Is A Townhome?

Experience Pahlisch Townhomes

Pahlisch has three different townhome floor plans: the Samson, the Drake, and the Parkside. All of our townhomes are 2-story homes with three bedrooms and 2.5 baths.  

The Samson

The Samson is the largest of our townhome floor plans at 1,815 square feet. When you enter the home, you’ll find yourself standing in the spacious, open-concept main floor, complete with fireplace, multi-purpose nook, and convenient flush eating bar. 

Upstairs, homeowners can enjoy airy roominess in the spacious loft. The separation between the primary suite and additional bedrooms ensures everybody in the home has ample privacy. Coffered ceilings in the primary suite draw the eye upward and make the space feel even bigger. 

The Drake

At 1,716 square feet, the Parkside is our mid-size townhome floor plan. In addition to a covered porch, this floor plan includes a spacious covered patio, perfect for entertaining. A spacious open-concept main floor includes a Great Room with fireplace, a dining space, and kitchen island. Convenient kitchen design helps you get the most out of your downstairs space. Finally, tall windows let in plenty of natural light. 

Upstairs, vaulted ceilings, and a generous loft create a roomy, spacious feel. The primary suite includes a walk-in closet. With its luxurious finishes and careful attention to quality, the Parkside is townhome living at its finest. 

If you’re interested in seeing the Drake, you can conveniently tour our model home virtually.

The Parkside

Our most compact townhome floor plan at 1,450 square feet, the Parkside, is luxurious down-sized living. As with all of our townhome floor plans, the open-concept main floor includes a Great Room with fireplace, convenient dining nook, and kitchen bar with seating. Sliding glass doors lead to a patio that’s the perfect size for outdoor seating and a low-maintenance yard. 

Upstairs, an open loft creates separation between the primary suite and additional bedrooms. The luxurious primary suite includes a spacious walk-in closet, double sink, and step-in shower. 

If you’re interested in seeing the Parkside, try virtually touring this floor plan today!

Beautiful Pahlisch townhome seating area

Learn More About Available Pahlisch Townhomes 

The homebuying journey is filled with possibilities. After all, you’re not just buying a home; you’re buying into a particular community and lifestyle. Pahlisch’s townhomes support minimalist, down-sized living while providing all the community amenities you need to live, work, and play to the fullest. 

If you’ve been asking yourself, What is a townhome? now is the perfect time to find out firsthand! Our New Home Specialists can help answer questions about available townhomes, and the features of each townhome floor plan, and even schedule a model home tour so you can see our townhomes firsthand. So get in touch to learn more about the benefits of these “bigger on the inside” homes! 


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