Aerial view of Pahlisch's master planned communities

What Makes Pahlisch’s Master-Planned Communities Special?

Picture yourself being able to stop by a fully-equipped fitness center for a quick workout after dropping the kids off at school. Or meandering home along paved trails after a trip to the community park with your pup. Maybe you’re looking for tree-lined streets and ample indoor and outdoor space to gather for activities. You can find all this and more when you call one of Pahlisch’s master-planned communities home! Today, we’re looking at what goes into designing a master-planned community, the benefits of living in one, and what makes Pahlisch’s so unique. 

What is a master-planned community?

We’ll start with the simplest definition and build from there. A master-planned community is a large-scale residential development that includes two or more uses. Typically, those uses include residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, and occasionally industrial. For example, a community with an apartment complex, a shopping center, and its own school are characteristics of a master-planned community.

What sets master-planned communities apart from traditional neighborhood developments? 

There are a few important differences between master-planned communities and traditional neighborhood developments. The first is reflected in the name itself: master-planned. When designing these communities, we take a 30,000-foot view to consider every aspect of life in our communities. In fact, some experts might say our master-planned communities more closely resemble small towns than the subdivisions made by other homebuilders. 

That’s because a traditional neighborhood gives you a place to live, but a master-planned community makes every day an experience. From the mix of different home types to amenities and how the community will grow over time, we leave no stone unturned. During the planning process, we put our future homeowners first and consider everything they’ll need for recreation, comfort, and convenience. This often includes: 

Access to nearby schools 

A quality education is one of the most valuable things we can offer our residents. By building communities within high-quality school districts, we can set the next generation on the path to success. Plus, having local schools nearby makes pick-ups, drop-offs, and extracurriculars even more convenient for households with kids!

Planning retail amenities

Unlike traditional neighborhoods, master-planned community builders also consider what future residents will need to shop, dine, and unwind. Including commercial amenities, like stores and restaurants, makes it easier for residents to access daily essentials and treat-yourself must-haves. 

Designing intentional green spaces

From community parks and playgrounds to nature trails, dog parks, bike trails, or golf courses, master-planned communities often go above and beyond to create outdoor recreation spaces. 

Reasons to live in master-planned communities

Convenience and community consistently rank as the top benefits of living in a master-planned community. Ideally, a master-planned community includes everything you need to make daily life easy. This means access to essentials like stores and services, as well as exclusive amenities like clubhouses, pools, and fitness centers.

You can also expect more connection in a master-planned community. These spaces provide more opportunities to get to know your neighbors through shared spaces, exclusive amenities, and community-sponsored activities. In addition, these communities are specifically designed to bring people together—from summer movie nights in the park to community-building winter activities

Aerial view of one of Pahlisch's master planned communities

What makes Pahlisch’s master-planned communities so special? 


Our master-planned communities—just like every Pahlisch community—are designed with sustainable growth in mind. We understand the importance of preserving the beauty of our natural surroundings for future generations. Our teams work closely with local experts, including City and County Planners, City Parks Departments, and other local non-profit groups dedicated to responsible land use. Steps we’ve taken to ensure sustainable growth include: 

  • Integrating green spaces, parks, and nature trails into our communities
  • Choosing low-maintenance landscaping that’s geographically native and eye-catching 
  • Starting the Pahlisch Grows initiative, which helps put trees back in our communities
  • Installing smart home technologies and appliances to make homes more energy efficient
  • Xeriscaping for low-maintenance yards that allow native flora and fauna to thrive

At Pahlisch Homes, we understand that we have a commitment to our future residents and the regions we build in. It’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly. Our intentionality towards sustainability is reflected in every aspect of each Pahlisch master-planned community.  

Unique community amenities

We understand what our residents need because we also work, live, and play in the communities that we serve. As a result, we can offer one-of-a-kind amenities designed to support the PNW lifestyle. So whether you’re looking for resort-style living (like in Rosedale Parks), proximity to popular parks and trails, or unique features like private clubhouses and outdoor pools, your favorite amenities are always nearby. 

For example, Easton residents will be able to enjoy access to amenities like a luxury pool, spa and splash pad, gym center, clubhouse, and outdoor living areas with BBQs and fire pits. These amenities aren’t just conveniences; they’re places to thrive, both as individuals and as a community. 

Location, location, location

Pahlisch’s master-planned communities are situated within or near some of the top urban centers in the Pacific Northwest. With their proximity to cities like Bend and the Portland Metro area, these communities give residents easy access to convenient big-city amenities while serving as an oasis from the hustle and bustle of city living. 

The best part? The relationship between master-planned communities and nearby cities is mutually beneficial. That’s because master-planned communities help to improve the city’s infrastructure, which makes quality of life in that area even better. For example, the master-planned community supports a growing population and leads to infrastructural developments such as roundabouts, new roads, more parks, and more. Plus, the master-planned community creates greater demand (and more room) for shopping, dining, hospitality, and other services. 

Return to the quiet oasis of your Pahlisch community after a quick commute from your office in downtown Portland. Connect with friends and neighbors in one of the community’s plentiful green spaces. Or, if you’re looking for more excitement, there’s always something to do or see just minutes away from our master-planned communities.

Get to know Pahlisch’s master-planned communities!

Here at Pahlisch, connected living is at the heart of all we do. This is especially evident in our master-planned communities—Easton, Petrosa, and Butternut Creek. 

Easton in Southeast Bend, Oregon

Conveniently located in southeast Bend, Oregon, Easton is an intentional blend of everything you need to thrive. The community’s highly walkable neighborhoods include plenty of wide-open spaces for residents to relax, connect, and play. Amenities within the community include a clubhouse, gym, outdoor swimming pool, and splash pad. Easton residents are just across the street from Caldera High School and in close proximity to some of the area’s best hiking, biking, snow sports, and more. 

Learn more about Easton and see available homes!

Petrosa in Northeast Bend, Oregon

Located on the edge of northeast Bend, Petrosa is a community that’s brimming with opportunity! Exclusive community amenities include a clubhouse with a fully-equipped fitness center, outdoor swimming pools, communal lounge spaces, and miles of parks and trails. Lastly, residents have easy access to nearby outdoor recreation areas like Eagle Park, Big Sky Park, Boyd Park, and Pine Nursery Park. However you prefer to play, Petrosa was designed with you in mind. 

Learn more about Petrosa and see available homes! 

Butternut Creek in Hillsboro, Oregon

Butternut Creek is a master-planned community that balances the convenience of nearby Portland with the peaceful atmosphere of wine country. Butternut Creek is part of Oregon’s largest master-planned community and features neighborhood parks, trails, sports courts, a splash pad, and a community pavilion with tables and benches. 

Learn more about Butternut Creek and see available homes!

luxury apartments in Pahlisch master planned communities

Discover the Joy of Connected Living in a Pahlisch Homes Master-Planned Community

At Pahlisch, we’re proud that we don’t just build homes; we build communities. With their greater sense of connection and convenient access to both private and essential amenities, our master-planned communities invite residents to experience the finer side of PNW living. Whether you choose one of our master-planned communities because of its location, unique amenities, or the way it supports your lifestyle, we can’t wait for you to experience what makes Pahlisch communities so special.

Contact our New Home Specialists to learn more about our communities and home availability. You can also schedule a tour of our model homes to get a firsthand look at Pahlisch’s commitment to quality. 


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