Meet Us at the Front Porch

Pass through any Pahlisch Homes community, and you’re bound to see lots of life: neighbors perched on porches, friends chatting across the lawn, kids riding bikes, friends on a jog, families walking the dog, and people waving to one another as they pass by in cars. Connections are everywhere and a sense of togetherness pervades.

To honor the time-tested bond that neighbors share, we are pleased to announce our new blog: Front Porch.

For the last year, we have been delivering monthly content to Pahlisch followers. So why the new name? Because now, more than ever, we are committed to creating community. It is the fundamental reason Pahlisch Homes was founded and the way we contribute to a better world.

At Pahlisch Homes, the front porch is where it all starts. It is a landing place for friends who come to visit, and a threshold to the outside world for those who dwell within. It is where news is shared, ideas are borne, and conversations take shape. The front porch is open, casual, straightforward, and honest. All are welcome, any time.

In reimagining our blog, we hope to give you an entrance into our world and a place to tap into yours. We will share all kinds of information on homes and home building as well as insights about Pahlisch Homes as an organization. Each blog will also be a springboard for future conversations, building one upon another, so you are always up on the latest developments.

Here is a glimpse of some of the topics you can expect on Front Porch:

● Living well in our regions
● Benefits of new home construction
● Types of homes we build
● Lifestyle
● Tips and tricks for taking care of your home
● Our latest innovations
● Resources for home shopping

As you can see, there is much in store for the months ahead. Our goal is for Front Porch to become the trusted place you turn to for the latest news about homes and homebuilding. It should also serve as a source of creativity and excitement around community and coming together. In turn, we invite you to share the blog posts you find interesting or inspiring, and let us know what you think along the way. This is a community for you, our reader.

So, as we head into the summer months of 2021 and look forward to spending time with friends, family, and neighbors, the time is right to invite you to meet us at the Front Porch. See you soon!

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