Pahlisch Homes Partners With Homes for HOPE

In August, we had the pleasure of hosting an event to celebrate our partnership with Homes for HOPE, a nonprofit organization committed to investing in underserved families around the world. With funds donated by building industry partners, they provide savings services and loans that restore dignity and break the cycle of poverty.

Drake Holtry, Homes for HOPE’s Western US Representative, shared his thoughts on the event in a recent blog post — you can read his comments below. We are so excited about our partnership and look forward to future opportunities to work with Drake and the Homes for HOPE team!


Recently, I had the privilege of celebrating the completion of Pahlisch Homes’ inaugural Homes for HOPE project in beautiful Bend, Oregon. I was joined by staff, neighbors from the Skyline West community, and over 75 trade partners. Dan Pahlisch, President of Pahlisch Homes, opened the event with a prayer and invited guests to enjoy artisanal pizza and ice cream from local food trucks. It was a time to celebrate the thousands of lives that will be impacted by Pahlisch’s donation, as well as a time of fellowship among colleagues who had just constructed an award-winning home. 

As the program began, Matt Nelson, CEO of Pahlisch Homes, referenced the adage, “We’re all standing on the shoulders of giants.” I was in awe of Matt’s leadership awareness in that moment. To show such humility while celebrating such an accomplishment. 

Headquartered in Bend with offices in Oregon and Washington, Pahlisch Homes has a 40-year history of building in the Pacific Northwest. And believe it or not, Pahlisch Homes is just one of their ventures. Since 1983, they have expanded their family of brands to include Pahlisch Select, Pahlisch Real Estate, Pahlisch Commercial, and Crystal Lake Community Management. 

The Homes for HOPE team is proud to have partnered with Pahlisch Homes on their record-setting gift of $750,000. Through their generosity, tens of thousands of underserved men and women around the world will have the capital they need to invest in their businesses and break the cycle of poverty for their families. So, to Dan, Matt, the Pahlisch team, and their trade partners: Thank you for giving our clients a hand-up instead of a handout. 

Thanks again to Drake and the Homes for HOPE team for this incredible opportunity to work together to uplift underserved families around the world. Stay tuned for our official press release about our contribution to Homes for HOPE, and remember to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and Pinterest for the latest updates from Pahlisch Homes!


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